Wednesday, June 22, 2011


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Tarot and psychic readings are performed in various kinds of settings using various mediums or tools. One famous tool is the platform medium that is used for live appearances by psychics who demonstrate directly in front of a crowd what their readings are. Many of these platform readers most often occurred in the 1800’s and in the early 1900’s. One very famous platform medium psychic is Gordon Higginson often called the ‘psychic barber’. Such psychic readers often perform their events in which you can visit to witness a platform medium reading. These psychic readers are the most professional ones since it’s a rare and difficult quality to demonstrate live on a platform in front of people. The Psychic Barber enjoys the status of being one of the most accurate and talented platform medium readers to exist in the United Kingdom.

There is another duo that performs together mostly in spiritualist churches in the area of West Midlands. Anji Wlyde performs along with Jo who is her counterpart and together they are amazing spiritualist readers on the platform medium. If you are interested in finding out where they are performing their next platform medium you can find them by the name ‘Clairvoyant cousins’ as that is what they are famously called. The most amazing platform medium readers are those who are able to connect directly with the human eye in the audience. However in cases where hundreds or thousands of people have gathered that seems impossible to do.

Babs Howard is another great psychic platform medium reader who recently performed at the Stratford On Avon event. She has the true gift of easily zoning in to the audience without taking a moment to catch her breath. She is compared to the likes of psychic barber. Other platform medium psychic readers also exist who work solely to help people heal. Here the name of Devi Shah really shines as the most talented psychic who works to heal people using her spirit guide through spiritual readings and a blend of nutrition for hundred percent healing. The platform medium works in many different ways. However you can identify a true clairvoyant by noticing if they really link to the spiritual world or not during their psychic readings. These days many psychic readings are also being carried over the phone. Basically it is believed that psychics are intuitive people who have the ability to empathize with people by collecting information from them and then shedding light and due to their intuitive powers they often end up being right.

When these psychic readers stand on a platform medium they are basically acting a channel between the present world and the spiritual world. They believe that messages are being sent to them from the spiritual world that they are merely catching and relaying on to the world. Therefore the quality of true medium ship is that when they psychic reader stands up on a platform medium they act nothing more as a medium and convey the message onto the person exactly the way it is received regardless of the fact if it makes any sense to him/her or not. The person receiving then has to be able to interpret its meaning.