Monday, January 9, 2012

Chakra psychic readings and how they help

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One of the primary concerns of mankind has been its physical well health and man is more than prepared to spend precious time and money to ensure that his body is always at the optimal state of health. This focus on the physical body is a very new trait and finds acceptance only in today’s modern world. In ancient times, man was more concerned with the well being of the inner spirit and he devised certain ways to ensure that the spirit always stayed healthy and in harmony with the Greatest spirit. The most popular way of cleansing the spirit to maintain its health has been through the healing of the various chakras – points of focus – in a body. The ancient philosophers believed that a human body was controlled by 7 major energy processing centers and that these centers were the gateways through which the physical body connected with its inner most self and the Great Spirit of creation. Each of the energy fields or chakras as they are known had a specific significance to the physical life of the person and for a person to lead a healthy happy life; all chakras had to be open and vibrant so as to allow the free flow of energy from one gateway to another.

In today’s world, it has become very common to seek out psychics who are able to read, analyze and treat any disorder that arises from an ill balanced chakra. Most psychics are able to see instantly when the chakras of a person are not harmoniously aligned and they will offer readings that can help in finding a path through which answers/solutions may be found. Each of the seven chakras is associated with a part of the body and the first six of them are set along the spine – the continuous channel of energy process – with the final one being associated with the top of the head. The first chakra – the root or base chakra also known as the ‘muladhara’ is positioned along the base of the spine. This is the simplest of the chakras and any imbalance here will lead to people experiencing a sense of depression, ineffectiveness, a lack of control over all emotions and certain preponderance to lying and being defensive.

The second chakra is one that is associated with the genital area and is known as “Swadishtana” and an imbalance here normally manifests itself as sexual guilt, excess and unhappiness of sexual life and a behavior that borders mostly on the excessive. The other chakras progress upwards and gradually get more complex with imbalances in them resulting in various disorders of the body. The final chakra or the ‘Sahasrara’ is the most vital chakra and psychics base their readings on how open it is and how harmonious its alignment with the other chakras is. If a psychic is able to tap in to this chakra and see if it is open but the energy is not free flowing, then the psychic will have to search for the remedy to make the energy flow continuous and harmonious.