Friday, June 29, 2012

Psychic Surgery Methodologies

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Psychic surgery and its methodologies used in the Philippines for a long time have recently begun attracting the world’s attention. The psychic surgeons were farmers initially using the practice to heal their neighbors without any form of remuneration expected. When they performed the psychic surgeries, they would pull out all kinds of objects including tobacco, ropes, pieces of coconut and other strange objects not expected to be in a human’s body. These were generally witchcraft objects implanted by witches.

Each one of the objects extracted through psychic surgery from the individual’s body had a symbolic meaning and positively identified with the illnesses caused to the individuals. Sometime in early 70s, a Pilipino psychic surgeon was seen pulling out some large leaves from a patient apparently a witchcraft victim, while another different healer was seen pulling out money from a person’s stomach.

How the healer performs psychic surgery

In psychic surgery, the healer concentrates their mind on the supernatural powers available within them through their hands and into the patient’s body. The surgeon at this point is in a trance mode and is having the hands guided by their spirit guides. The spirit senses diseased body parts and injects their spiritual energies. What happens is that mass tissues and blood appear on the patient’s body.

Interestingly, all kinds of body objects begin to appear, they may include cartilage, pus worms stones and other paranormal objects. At times, the spirit may instruct the healer to get into the patient’s body to extract the sick tissues and the hands will come out without a scar or wound, like want happens with normal medical surgery. The tissue closes up as the hands get out of the body. Psychic surgery is cleansing and does not contaminate the body in any way; it can be used to remover diseases caused by traumas witchcraft amongst other causes.

Increased foreign interest

Western and foreign interest in psychic surgery began in the late 1940s to eary1960s. In 1960, the first publication on bloodless surgery published when a Pilipino healer pulled blood and tissue from one of the new foreign patients. The healer when asked to explain how this happened, they said that it was because of guidance from his spirit guide. The response to this mediation was largely because of the people’s faith in the psychic surgery rather than the psychic’s powers. The foreigners responded to the medication better as well due to the cultural differences and their choice to believe in the form of alternative medicine.

Pilipino psychic surgeons believed that the foreign or strange objects caused the illnesses in their patients. These objects caused tissue damage and malignant conditions, hence the illnesses. For this reason, the healer would pull out the disease causing objects out of the body and damaged tissues. Apparently, as soon as the removal of the objects completed, the healing process began.

This paramedical treatment has gained popularity in the Pilipino population over time. This phenomenon heightened by press coverage who told them that the tissue removed from their bodies was their own diseased body tissues. Skeptics challenged this claim, disapproved of paranormal faith, and alarmed by the increasing number of foreign patients ignoring conventional medicine and opting for the paranormal treatments like psychic surgery in the Philippines.

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