Monday, July 2, 2012

Find Ways of Strengthening Psychic Reading Intuitions

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Most normal people have all had a gut feeling that an event is about to happen. This is a psychic intuition and most people often ignore their ability even after their intuitions come true. However, this gift is polished, or one can develop it from scratch, for example, those people who were not born with it. There are easy steps that one can follow when looking for a way of developing their psychic intuitions further.

Relax and meditate

This exercise may not take more than half an hour daily but greatly helps in the development of intuitive powers. It allows for the harmonization of the body senses when one goes into a calm state and stays that way for some time. The other bodily functions are generally lower and the senses, which then enhance further.

Keep a detailed and updated journal

This is a record of daily dreams, and mental images, which you experience. This helps keep track of what gut feelings one has had, and which ones were accurate.

Develop precognition

These are just the normal daily activities that a person carries out. For example when the phone rings, they should wait before picking and try to determine who would be calling. This however does not apply to the normal and usual callers like husbands, wives, girlfriends or boyfriends who usually call at a particular time of day.

Perfect visualization

You can do this through activities like closing the eyes, think of these, and feel the smell and complexion of their surfaces. This should trigger an involuntary watering f the mouth since they are delicacies.

Try sensing energies

Individuals should try to perceive the auras surrounding objects like plants, animals and other human beings. Non-living things also have energies around them and they should try to visualize these. Doing so connects them to the supernatural and they will develop their psychic abilities further.

Create a personal space

Others should not invade this and they themselves should try as much as possible to keep it sacred. The personal space is the place where they experience personal quiet times, and meditate, for those who have taken up meditation. A person needs to make this the place where they are alone, without any form of disturbance, which include the television radio, telephone and where family member are aware of what you are doing and will not disturb.

Playing games

As the saying goes, ‘practice makes perfect’. Games that will help exercise psychic intuition will definitely make the powers stronger. These include guessing games for colors or animals.

These steps are not exhaustive nor do they work for all people. It is up to every individual to make the effort and find out what boosts his or her intuitions.


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